If you currently store your sterilization pouches in a cabinet or drawer like this, you need Pouch Keepers


Our dispensers keep your pouches and sensor sheathes for digital x-rays at your fingertips.  They can be mounted on a wall or cabinet horizontally or vertically because the spring-like tongue holds the pouches in place.  They can hold 200 pouches or sleeves and are angled on the bottom so that the pouches or sleeves in front are slightly higher, allowing for easy single dispensing. 




























In a medical or dental sterilization lab, it is important to avoid cross contamination. When staff take contaminated instruments out of an ultrasonic cleaner with gloved hands, they should never be opening a drawer or cabinet with those gloves to access their sterilization pouches.  This is to protect the employee that comes in and opens that drawer or cabinet with bare hands.  Pouch Keepers solves this cross contamination issue!